After three days in China, members of the Rochester Oratorio Society talk about their strongest impressions.

"I can't get over seeing the children's faces and how beautiful they are and the thought of peace. I grew up thinking Communism was bad. Look at how happy these people are!" "I'm still processing." - Michelle

"Believe it or not, I just like riding around on the bus, looking at all the cars and bicycles. The bicycles are like the ones we used to ride in the 50's." - Tom

"I love just standing on the street corner and watching people go by with all their modes of transportation. And the children." - Mary




Brenda: Thank you so much for taking the time & effort to share the ROS's experiences with us home-towners in Rochester! I really enjoyed hearing Eric's impressions of the musical side of things, and all the photographs sure help us to stay visually in-touch. Please give an "e-hug" to my daughter, Kathy, and tell her we miss her, but are happy for her!

your exciting trip

Brenda - heard you on WXXI this morning describing your experiences.
It all sounds wonderful. I'm sure you wowed the audience last night despite you "drab costumes". Your group's "glitter" come from within, along with the beautiful music you make. Please give my (and RSD"S) greetings to our very own Pam McInerney. She's a jewel and we're all proud of her.

Rick Simpson


This must be the most amazing trip for everyone involved! I'm glad to see that the strongest impressions are about children, transportation and peace.

How great this all must be!