WXXI TV - Described Television Programs

DVI Descriptive Television ProgramsAs a further service to Rochester's visually impaired community, WXXI television offers a large number of its programs with descriptive video (DVi). These programs are noted with a D))) in the listings below. Programs with descriptive video provide concise descriptions of sets, scenery, costumes, action and other important visual elements between the dialogue of the program.

With the transition to digital television, the SAP channel is no longer used to transmit audio descriptions.  Instead, digital television standards provide for two types of main audio, and six types of associated audio services, one of which is for people with vision disabilities.  In order to access DVi programs in the digital world, you will need to have either a digital television with additional associated audio services or a converter box with enough associated audio services.  As long as you are equipped with one of these two options, any program that contains DVi/audio description, the description will be heard along with all of the regular program audio. For more information on how to access DVi programs, call WXXI at 325-7500.

More services for the visually impaired

May 2015 - DVI Listings - WXXI-TV/HD

MAY 2015 – DVI Listings – WXXI-TV/HD



06:00a Thomas & Friends D)))

06:30a Caillou [Not DVI]    

07:00a Sesame Street D)))

08:00a Curious George D)))

08:30a Curious George D)))

09:00a Bob the Builder D)))


SUNDAYS, 6:00AM-11:00AM: 

06:00a Signing Time D)))

06:30a Sesame Street D))) (Half-hour episode)

07:00a Sesame Street D)))

08:00a Curious George D)))

08:30a Curious George D)))

09:00a Wild Kratts D)))

09:30a WordGirl D)))

10:00a Cyberchase D)))

10:30a Biz Kid$ D)))


WEEKDAYS, 6:00AM- 8:00PM & 11:00PM-MIDNIGHT:

 06:00a Sid the Science Kid [Not DVI]  

 06:30a Martha Speaks D)))

 07:00a WordWorld D)))

 07:30a Clifford the Big Red Dog D)))

 08:00a Curious George D)))

 08:30a Curious George D)))

 09:00a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood D)))

 09:30a Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood D)))

10:00a Sesame Street D)))

11:00a Dinosaur Train D))) 

11:30a Dinosaur Train D))) 

12:00p Peg + Cat D)))

12:30p Peg + Cat D)))

 01:00a SuperWhy! D)))

 01:30a Thomas & Friends [Not DVI]  

 02:00a Sesame Street (half-hour episodes) D)))

 02:30a The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That D)))

 03:00a Curious George D))) *

 03:30a Curious George D))) *

 04:00a Arthur D)))

 04:30a Odd Squad D)))






Saturday 2

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Organizing" D)))


Wednesday 6

08:00p Nature "Parrot Confidential" D)))


Saturday 9

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Kitchen" D)))


Wednesday 13

08:00p Nature "Animal Childhood" D)))


Friday 15

10:30 Independent Lens "Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity" D)))


Saturday 16

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Design" D)))


Wednesday 20

08:00p Nature "The Sagebrush Sea" D)))


Thursday 21

08:00p Need to Know


Saturday 23

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Built-ins" D)))


Wednesday 27

08:00p Nature "My Bionic Pet" D)))


Saturday 30

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Granite" D)))


APRIL 2015 - DVI Listings - WXXI-TV/HD


WEEKDAYS, 6:00AM – 8:00PM:

 6:00a Sid the Science Kid  [Not DVI]  

 6:30  Martha Speaks  D))) (Not 4/6)

 7:00  WordWorld  D)))

 7:30  Clifford the Big Red Dog  D)))

 8:00  Curious George  D))) *

 8:30  Curious George  D))) *

 9:00  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood D)))

 9:30  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood D)))

10:00  Sesame Street D)))

11:00  Dinosaur Train D))) 

11:30  Dinosaur Train D))) 

NOON   Peg + Cat D)))

12:30p Peg + Cat D)))

 1:00  SuperWhy!  D)))

 1:30  Thomas & Friends  [Not DVI]  

 2:00  Sesame Street (half-hour episodes) D)))  (Not 4/3)

 2:30  The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That  D)))

 3:00  Curious George D))) *

 3:30  Curious George D))) *

 4:00  Arthur  D)))

 4:30  Odd Squad D)))

 5:00  Wild Kratts

 5:30  Homework Hotline (Mon.-Thu., not 2/16-19), Wild Kratts (Fri. & 2/16-2/19)

 6:00  BBC World News America

 6:30  Nightly Business Report

 7:00  PBS NewsHour 


* On 4/3 from 8a-9a & 3p-4p, “Curious George Swings into Spring” D))) one-hour special. 




 6:00a Thomas & Friends D)))

 6:30  Caillou  [Not DVI]    

 7:00  Sesame Street D)))

 8:00  Curious George D)))

 8:30  Curious George D)))

 9:00  Bob the Builder  D)))

 9:30  Hometime D)))


SUNDAYS, 6:00AM-1:00PM:


 6:00a  Signing Time D)))

 6:30  Sesame Street D))) (Half-hour episode)

 7:00  Sesame Street D)))

 8:00  Curious George D)))

 8:30  Curious George D)))

 9:00  Wild Kratts D)))

 9:30  WordGirl D)))

10:00  Cyberchase D)))

10:30  Biz Kid$ D)))




Friday 3

09:00  Live from Lincoln Center "Billy Porter: Broadway & Soul" D)))


Saturday 4

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Porches" D)))


Wednesday 8

08:00p Nature "Animal Homes: The Nest" D)))


Friday 10

09:00  Live from Lincoln Center "Norm Lewis: Who Am I?" D)))


Saturday 11

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Great Room" D)))


Monday 13

10:00  Independent Lens "The Homestretch" D)))


Wednesday 15

08:00p Nature "Nature's Guide to Animal Homes: Location, Location, Location" D)))


Saturday 18

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Lower Level" D)))


Monday 20

10:00  Independent Lens "The Great Invisible" D)))


Wednesday 22

08:00p Nature "Animal Homes: Animal Cities" D)))


Saturday 25

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Mud Room" D)))


Wednesday 29

08:00p Nature "Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La" D)))


March 2015 - DVI Listings - WXXI-TV/HD

MARCH 2015 – DVI Listings – WXXI-TV/HD


WEEKDAYS, 6:00AM – 8:00PM:


  6:00a Sid the Science Kid  [Not DVI]  

  6:30   Martha Speaks  D)))

  7:00   WordWorld  D)))

  7:30   Clifford the Big Red Dog  D)))

  8:00   Curious George  D)))

  8:30   Curious George  D)))

  9:00   Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood D)))

  9:30   Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood D)))

10:00   Sesame Street D)))

11:00   Dinosaur Train D))) 

11:30   Dinosaur Train D))) 

Noon   Peg + Cat D)))

12:30p Peg + Cat D)))

  1:00   SuperWhy!  D)))

  1:30   Thomas & Friends * [Not DVI]  

  2:00   Sesame Street (half-hour episodes) D)))

  2:30   The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That  D)))

  3:00   Curious George D))) *

  3:30   Curious George D))) *

  4:00   Arthur  D)))

  4:30   Odd Squad D)))

  5:00   Wild Kratts

  5:30   Homework Hotline (Mon.-Thu., not 2/16-19), Wild Kratts (Fri. & 2/16-2/19)


* On 3/30 from 9a-10a & 3p-4p, “Curious George Swings into Spring” D))) one-hour special. 




  6:00a Thomas & Friends D)))

  6:30   Caillou  

 7:00    Sesame Street D)))

  8:00   Curious George D)))

  8:30   Curious George D)))

  9:00   Bob the Builder  D)))


SUNDAYS, 6:00AM-1:00PM:


  6:00a Signing Time D)))

  6:30   Sesame Street D))) (Half-hour episode)

  7:00    Sesame Street D)))

  8:00    Curious George D)))

  8:30    Curious George D)))

  9:00    Wild Kratts D)))

  9:30    WordGirl D)))

10:00    Cyberchase D)))

10:30    Biz Kid$ D)))


ALL DAYS, 1:00PM – 11:00PM:

Wednesday 11 through Friday 13


Saturday 14

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Bathroom Tile" D)))

Sunday 15

Noon Roosevelts: An Intimate History  D)))

02:00p Roosevelts: An Intimate History "The Common Cause (1939-1944)" D)))

04:00 Roosevelts: An Intimate History "A Strong and Active Faith (1944-1962)" D)))


Monday 16 through Tuesday 17



Wednesday 18

08:00p Nature "Attenborough's Life Stories: Our Fragile Planet" D)))

09:00 NOVA "The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies" D)))


Thursday 19 through Friday 20



Saturday 21

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Central Vac" D)))


Sunday 22 through Tuesday 24



Wednesday 25

08:00p Nature "Ireland's Wild River" D)))

09:00 NOVA "The Bible's Buried Secrets" D)))


Thursday 26 through Friday 27



Saturday 28

09:30a Hometime "Creekside Home Landscape" D)))


Sunday 29

02:00p The Address D)))


Monday 30 through Tuesday 31