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Stage Notes is produced by WXXI and hosted by Rochester's own Robert Hammond who brings his vast knowledge and passion for theatre and music to this one-hour radio series. In addition to playing music from Broadway's best, Hammond shares news about the local theatre community, as well as about nationally recognized directors, choreographers and stars, and presents the occasional interview and behind- the-scenes conversation.

Listen to this week's program (updated Mondays):

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When and where to tune-in

Saturdays at 12 noon on Classical 91.5

Recently on Stage Notes

Saturday, May 23rd - 12pm

Two-time Emmy and five-time Grammy award nominee Michael Feinstein

Saturday, May 9th - 12pm

The 69th Tony Award nominations have been announced.

Saturday, April 25th - 12pm

Veterans of musical theater often transition to the music industry, to varying levels of success.

Saturday, April 18th - 12pm

Some of Broadway’s best show tunes are not just heard on the stage.

Saturday, April 11th - 12pm

Join Host Robert Hammond and Broadway veteran Cass Morgan as they discuss The Road to Where,

Saturday, April 4th - 12pm

Join Host Robert Hammond as he examines how religion influences musical theatre.



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