Open Tunings Letterpress Poster by Fly Rabbit Press!

This gorgeous letterpress poster was created by Chris Charles at Fly Rabbit Press! It's a 7-color print, 13 x 19" on environmentally friendly chip board. Available for your pledge of $60. Limited edition of 200! When they’re gone, they’re gone! Rooster says, "Read on to see awesome close-ups!"

Fly Rabbit Press is a letterpress powerhouse made up of Chris Charles and her trusty sidekick, Daisy Dog. Together they focus on making a variety of letterpress printed goodies, including cards, posters, stationery, prints & coasters. Chris uses hand set type, carved linoleum & custom made plates to create her designs, then hand prints everything on a few presses that are way older than her. Her love of experimenting with new techniques, fun ink colors, and different types of papers creates a line of products full of style and humor. Check out her website for information on her latest projects!

Open Tunings Poster detail

 Open Tunings Popster detail