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WXXI connects with its audiences whether they are at home, at work, online, or around the world. Business support of the award-winning programming ensures WXXI's ability to deliver its valuable services to its loyal audience. Small businesses, large corporations, boutiques, not-for-profits, government agencies, or international firms can be sponsors of WXXI and align today with the quality brands that are PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) and NPR.



Put your message in front of our loyal viewers. 


Connect with NPR News, Classical, and Adult Alternative listeners. 


Provide our users with a direct link to your message.


Be present at WXXI's events in the community 

Production Funding

Help to make the highest quality programming possible.

The Little Theatre

Cinema Slide Advertising at the Little Theatre. Our audiences, your message.

Download our 2 page PDF: "WXXI Sponsorship Opportunities Overview"
Also available as a PDF: "Advertising at the Little Theatre"

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Did You Know...

Last year, PBS moved NOVA to Wednesday night, creating "the smartest night on television." This has led to a 47% increase in our audience, meaning over 700,000 more people are watching during an average minute of NOVA's programming.

Nielsen NPower, program ratings report, Jan.-Aug. 2010 and 2011