What Can I Sponsor? Events

Corporate Sponsorship and underwriting is a way to “Go Public” and reach the Rochester area audiences who participate in and attend the events sponsored by WXXI.


Choose all WXXI event offerings – or select a la carte


Event Sponsorship and Additional Opportunities


Your company can sponsor WXXI community events such as:


  • Challenge Grants during TV and Radio Pledge Drive (throughout the year)

  • The annual Online Auction (April)

  • The annual Education Takes the Stage Luncheon (March)

  • The bi-annual WXXI Open House (September)

  • Special program screenings

  • Other educational initiatives or ongoing collaborations with WXXI event partners.


Why events and educational initiatives belong in your mix

  • Your customers attend WXXI events.

  • WXXI event attendees are loyal, attentive participants.

  • Events offer an opportunity for a face-to-face experience with audiences to develop or enhance relationships.

  • Events elevate a company’s image for community service and civic involvement.

  • WXXI events are fun, informative, and attended by enthusiasts who feel good about being involved in their community.

  • Being associated with WXXI branded events is beneficial as a way to connect with a premium audience.

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