What Can I Sponsor? Online

Corporate Sponsorship and underwriting is a way to "Go Public" and reach the quality audiences that logon to WXXI.org.   The Web site boasts new interactive features including a video player, which provides on-demand media from PBS and WXXI; an online "Café" section dedicated to blogs, live chats, and polls, and places to discuss and respond to individual program episodes and topics. Part of WXXI's online rebranding also includes the launch of several new e-Newsletters including a free daily News e-Newsletter that pulls essential content from the site to share with its subscribers.  In addition to Interactive Static Tiles, Banners, and Skyscraper placements, a variety of WXXI Web site sponsorships are available to reach the WXXI.org audience.


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WXXI Online Sponsorship

By underwriting online at WXXI.org, a company link will always be just a click away. A company logo may appear on various high traffic locations throughout WXXI.org. WXXI supports static and animated GIF and JPGs.  It is possible to underwrite online placements exclusively.


Why online presence belongs in an underwriting mix

  • Online users seek information on-demand. Online presence provides immediate access to an interested and attentive audience seeking news, information, and programming details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at their convenience.
  • Exciting demographics. The online community trends more affluent, better educated, younger and more willing to spend money than the population at large. The size of the online audience is growing.
  • The ability to extend the transaction. Online interested customers can click, learn more, and actually make purchases from many companies. For instant gratification, there is simply nothing more powerful.
  • New online technologies. In addition to static tiles and banner ads, WXXI also offers placements in exciting dynamic platforms, including streaming of WXXI radio stations and podcasts. These interactive properties can deliver information to customers and facilitate access to learn about a company's products.
  • In-depth content. Unlike broadcast spots or print ads, web ad banners initiate the relationship process. While a banner might present only a branding message, interested prospects will always be able to click on a link to go directly to an underwriter’s Web site to access the complete presentation of a company and its products.


Design an on-air media campaign on WXXI to send the audience to a business Web site. For even greater impact, supplement an on-air campaign with a presence on WXXI.org.  When WXXI viewers and listeners log onto WXXI.org, opportunities are available for underwriters via:

  • Interactive Static Tiles
  • Leader Board Banners
  • Skyscraper Vertical Banners
  • Podcasts
  • E-Newsletters
  • Blogospheres
  • Online Radio Broadcast Streaming
  • Audio Premium Experience


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