WXXI Production Services

Mikhail A. Gershteyn (585) 258–0355
Email [email protected]

cameramanProduction Services   WXXI provides full production expertise and facilities including: television and radio studios, audio engineering, video and audio production (recording and editing), and satellite uplinks. Let’s discuss your next project.

    Our award-winning expertise includes:

  • Speeches and Lectures
  • Performances Concerts
  • Citizen Briefings and Town Meetings
  • Weekly studio-based series
  • Full Documentaries

Production services include: 

  • Field Production - Your choice of 3 canon XL H1 High Definition camcorders, 2 DVCPRO 50/25 AJ-D900WA Camcorders, 3 IKEGAMI HL 55 cameras with BETA SP VTR, and Tripods, field lighting package and assorted wired and wireless microphones.  4-passenger van. 
  • Studio Production – Fully equipped 75x50 studio with Kliegl lighting board, Mole fixtures, Black and Chroma KEY CYCS on an 18 ft. grid. The studio is capable of handling up to six cameras with six cameras fitted with computer prompting. The control room features a Ross Synergy 3 Digital switcher with 3D DVE aspectizer for 16:9 - 4:3 conversions. Pinnacle FXDeko Character generator. Wireless mics and IFB available. Wheatstone SP5A 32 input audio console with DAT and assorted microphones. Recording available on Profile virtual recorder, DVCPRO 50/25, SONY BETACAM SP, D-2 AND VHS.
  • The studio can also be used for social events and videoconferences. Seating accommodates up to 150 people.
  • Digital Editing Facilities – 9 AVID Liquid edit suites with full post-production capabilities. Including Adobe After Effects. Digitize from Canon XL H1, DVCPRO 50/25, Beta SP, mini DV.
  • Tape and DVD transfers – Your production can be transferred to DVCPRO, Betacam, VHS or DVD. Limited tape or DVD duplication is available.
  • WXXI also can provide satellite KU band uplinks throughout the world.
  • Studios are available with or without crew.

Creative services:

  • Short- or long-form video creation from scripting to editing.
  • Graphic design creation for television