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What's on Rochester On Demand

Need to Know (under News)

OnStage (under Performance)

The following programs are available until 2/1/2010:

OnStage 115-Harvey Allen Quartet

OnStage 116-Gerri Allen

OnStage 117-The White Devils

OnStage 201-Buddhahood

OnStage 202 Joe bread & Jon Cole

OnStage 203-Colorblind James

OnStage 204-Hinkley

OnStage 206-Gaylord

OnStage 207-Uncle Plum

OnStage 208-Atomic Swindlers

OnStage 209-Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

OnStage 212 Rick Holland, Evan Dobbins

OnStage 213-Kate Lee & No Strings

OnStage 214-The White Hots

OnStage 216-Phil Marshall Trio

OnStage 217-Isotopes

OnStage 218-This Other Life

OnStage 219-Margaret Explosion

OnStage 221-Brian Lindsay & the Bootleggers

OnStage 222-Maria Gillert & Friends

OnStage 223-The Demos

OnStage 224-The Chesterfield Kings

How to access WXXI's ROD Programs

  • Go to Channel 111 on Time Warner Digital Cable
  • A menu of program categories will appear.
  • All of WXXI's Rochester On-Demand programs can be accessed through the "WXXI" selection.
  • Click on News (for current Need to Know shows) or Performance (OnStage)
  • A list of different programs and episodes will appear.
  • Select the episode you would like to watch.

Once the show starts, you can pause, play, forward, rewind and stop the program at any time.
Note: An assortment of popular WXXI programs is available with new episodes and programs rotating in every three months.

More Information

Featured programs have included:

  • Reclaiming the Crescent
  • Crucible of Freedom
  • Horses on Parade
  • Golisano
  • Luck of the Irish
  • Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofters
  • Seaway
  • Warrior in Two Worlds
  • War Letters
  • Canal Towns
  • Children of Columbus
  • Ganondagan
  • Secret Gardens of the Flower City

Other Time Warner Cable Rochester on Demand Branches:

  • RNews
  • PhotoShowTV
  • Time Warner SportsNet


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