Volunteer Blog

This blog gathers postings from and related to Volunteers at WXXI

What A Summer!

This summer was certainly "eventful" for WXXI, their staff and the volunteers. We had events of all kinds: Festivals, On Stage live concerts, Speaking of Women's Health, the Open House in September and many more.


It's Been Too Long!

It has been too long since I have added some content to the volunteer blog. No excuses except a bit of vacation and some down time due a plain old fashioned cold.

It has also been too long for you, the reader who has been considering becoming a WXXI volunteer, to come forth and sign up. I know it is hard to decide upon which of the many places you should be giving your valuable time, so let us help you with that decision! Give one of our membership and volunteer personnel a call at (585) 258-0200 and schedule a visit to WXXI. Mention that you are considering becoming a volunteer. You will get a personal tour of the facilities and an introduction to the many facets of volunteering at WXXI.


The May Radio Drive

The May Radio Drive is nearly upon us! We need your input as to what time slots you would like to work. The schedule is below. Please check your calendar, select the dates and times you want and give Judy Cutaia a call at (585) 258-0255. Judy's line is busy? Call the membership number (585) 258-0200 and give the information to Jane, Dawn, Carolyn, Sharon or any of the wonderful WXXI staff.


Volunteering for Fun and Profit

This entry is for those readers who may not be a WXXI volunteer, have read the information about volunteering on the WXXI web site, but still need to a little push before you rush off to send in that volunteer application.

Yes, it is true that volunteers have fun while we are performing our various duties. Whether it is answering telephones, stuffing envelopes, greeting visitors at one of our many events or guiding a tour through our beautiful facilities.


Welcome to The First Volunteer Blog Entry

Thanks to all the staff at WXXI for agreeing to let me set up this volunteer blog. This blog will have many purposes, the main one being to inform all of our volunteers about upcoming events, what volunteer jobs we need to fill and general news regarding our volunteer family.

I really mean "family" because if you were at the Volunteer Recognition Dinner last night, it felt like family. Lots of kind words from the WXXI staff and plenty of remarks from the volunteers about how wonderful an evening it was.

Our thanks to Judy Cutaia and all of the Pink Ladies, who worked so hard to treat us so well.